At the core of Equigea, we believe in providing state of the art techniques and technology for our clientele to advance the science and success of reproduction programs. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you access to the most advanced commercial services in equine reproduction. Equigea offers you everything in-house to produce embryos from intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Including aspiration of oocytes (eggs; OPU), maturation of oocytes, ICSI, embryo development, transfer to recipient mares, and service for shipped oocytes. We also provide embryo cryopreservation for our clients. 

For a more extensive knowledge our services and your possibilites, please email or call us today.

The staff was very helpful and the information they provided was perfect for my breeding program. They are fantastic to do business with!
— Christel G, Client

What We've Achieved

  • Since 1999, we have successfully recovered and transferred over 4,000 embryos.

  • Our facility has been performing ovum pick up since 2011, working closely with Colorado State since 2011 and Texas A&M University since 2014.

  • Dr. Squires has had a storied career most recently at Gluck Equine Research Foundation at the University of Kentucky and prior to that at Colorado State University.

  • Dr. Galli was the President of the European Association of Embryo Transfer as well as an Associate Professor of Reproductive Biotechnology at the University of Bologna and has authored over 180 publications in international scientific journals. 

  • Each of the partners has over 30 years of experience and expertise in developing reproductive techniques and applying them in a commercial setting.

  • From 1981 to 2005, Dr. Matthews managed a large ambulatory practice that specialized in reproduction and handled over 600 mares each year

  • Cesare Galli brings to Equigea the knowledge and experience that has made his laboratory, Avantea, the most successful commercial veterinary in vitro facility in all of Europe. In 2008 Dr. Cesare Galli and his collegue Dr. Giovanna Lazzari established Avantea, a leading center for advanced reproductive technologies.